CCDC Board

The Cherry Creek Diamond Club is the official booster club for the Cherry Creek High School Baseball Program. The CCDC was formed to enhance and promote the quality of the sport of baseball within the Cherry Creek High School Area. This includes supporting activities and events that increase awareness, appreciation, and participation in organized baseball. 

Goals of the Organization:

  • Provide support to all levels of Cherry Creek High School baseball.
  • Provide support to school baseball programs to include material, equipment, and resources.
  • Provide organization and support to fundraising activities.
  • Support, at all times, good sportsmanship and pride within and external to the community, for all activities and events in which the CCDC is a participant.

President:  Sean Larkin (


Treasurer:  Chris Strouse (

Secretary: Scott Goldy

Fundraising: Matt Klaess

Communications: Debbie Hughes

School Liaison: Joe Smith

Board Member: Gwen Kleinert

Board Member: John Reeves

•At Large: TBD (1) To be voted in after Spring tryouts

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